Your Wedding Dream

A wedding is emotion, joy, happiness and for most people one of the most beautiful days of of their life. It is up to you to imagine how it will be. And up to our wedding agency to make your dreams come true. And from to A to Z, of course. Our experienced dream team knows how to make your dream come true, with its experience, ingenuity and attention to detail.

What is your wedding dream? The country pub where you first met, or that blooming spring meadow in the Beskyd Mountains? What about a wedding ceremony in the glacier cave at the top of Dachstein or on a Caribbean beach? Your first married kiss in a jet 10 kilometers above the ground or on horseback? A wedding for 500 guests with professional catering and a full day’s programme, or a modest family gathering in a luxury rented villa? A wedding menu from a Michelin star chef, or a brilliant smorgasbord at a garden party? A concert party in a hall with the band Chinaski, or a club night with a DJ? Dream away, we are hear to listen…

You have the dreams, we do the work

Enjoy the preparations and the wedding day itself exactly according to your dreams. It is enough to say the work and we already know how to go about it … We will listen, think things up, advise, arrange, write, draw, programme, dress, do make-up and hair-dos, build, bring, cook, play, sing, dance, take photos, record, accommodate, clean up. If necessary, we can calm things down and say yes.

Come and join us

If we what we have said is like your wedding dream, come and talk to us about it! Were you interested in our agency’s approach, ideas or services? Write or call Klara and we can talk about your wedding in person.

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