The wedding cake: What’s on-trend?

Just like the wedding dress or wedding rings, a beautiful and creative cake is an important part of the traditions and the spectacular culmination of the wedding breakfast. If a cake is done well, the wedding guests and newlyweds alike are bound to remember the taste for a long time to come.

During the plans for a wedding, the couple often ask what cake they should choose, wanting it to be as beautiful and as fitting as possible for their celebrations. At the same time, the “cake item” should not upend the wedding budget. While most people prefer beautiful traditionally designed wedding cakes, others want to shine with something a little more original. Our wedding agency keeps an eye on the latest trends and can provide the right advice to traditional and experimental newlyweds.

Wedding cakes with flowers

These look very impressive and festive. Classic roses, violets, orchids, lavender or the bride’s veil. This sort of cake, if proper thought is put into the flowers, can distinctively underscore and put the final touch to the wedding’s overall style. Wedding cakes adorned with flowers, whether modest or multi-tier, can look both aesthetic and delicate. Professional pastry chefs are skilled in putting the same care into elegant floral arrangements as florists.

Fruity wedding cakes

These are very popular because they look great and taste unbelievably delicate and juicy. Original wedding cakes that use fruit ingredients have a natural appearance. They will please the eye and tickle the taste buds. It is important to bear in mind that the beautiful appearance of a wedding cake depends very much on the properties of the fruit, so in these cases your best bet is to turn to professionals.

Delicate wedding cakes with ruffles and lace

This is a new trend in the art of confectionery. This year, cakes with ruffles – inspired directly by the bride’s wedding dress – are all the rage. Ruffles are usually handmade using fondant and, when it comes to colour, the sky’s the limit. A wedding cake like this will look delicate and elegant whatever the wedding style you plump for.

Modern wedding cakes using metallic colourings

Another novelty in wedding gastronomy. Cakes with the sheen of precious metals – including silver, gold and bronze – exude luxury and sublimity.

Ombré wedding cakes

An originally designed wedding dessert. Hairdressing and manicure trends are slowly but surely creeping into the confectionery industry. Naked cakes with the gradual ombré dyeing of the cream have become very popular. Attention grabbing, they look refined and very graceful.

Blend trends

It is starting to become fashionable to combine different types of wedding cake into one. Think of ruffles with, perhaps, graduated ombré colouring for a delicate and delightful cake.

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