9 reasons to draw on the services of a wedding agency

Not sure whether you need a wedding agency for your wedding or whether you can organise everything yourselves? Take a look at these nine reasons explaining why professional services might be for you.

An agency will keep your wedding budget under control

A professional organiser knows when and where you can save money. Responding to your needs and requirements, they will timetable the steps that need to be taken for the wedding to pass off without a hitch, and will price each item. They will walk you through the budget in detail. This will protect you from unpredictable costs and any unexpected expense. The agency assumes responsibility for the budget and guarantees that there will be no overspending.

A wedding coordinator – your guarantee of success

Your guarantee that everything will proceed exactly as you had imagined it. When others say, “it can’t be done,” your coordinator will do all they can for the concept you have settled on together. When you think your ideas are beyond your budget, they will tell you how to find a reasonable compromise. With a coordinator, you can be sure that the skies will not rain on your parade if you opt for an open-air wedding, because a true professional always has a plan B.

An agency can handle wedding formalities on your behalf

Can’t stand hopping from one authority to another? Is the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with a foreign national? Let the agency take care of the paperwork. Once you confer power of attorney on it, it has the authority to see to most of the formalities, saving you precious time that you can use to plan your honeymoon.

Put your feet up and let the agency get on with it

The agency takes care of all communication with contractors, gets down to the nitty-gritty, and handles all situations with maximum efficiency. While the agency is finding a new florist or dress rental company, you can take it easy and perhaps just run the odd eye over whether everything is progressing according to plan.

An experienced and reliable team

Leverage the know-how of professionals and rely on an experienced team. A wedding agency has a database teeming with contacts, knows the strengths of each contractor who will be contributing to your wedding, and, by drawing on its experience, can work its way around problems before they occur. Each team member is in charge of one particular area of your wedding and is second to none in that field. This is sure to spare your nerves and save you time and money.

Insurance cover for adverse events

Not the most romantic of aspects in the preparation of a wedding, but certainly very important. A professional wedding agency will assume responsibility for any lapse. So when you draw on its services, you are insured and have the guarantee that you will be compensated if any unfavourable circumstances come to light (e.g. if there is a natural or technical disaster).

Everything will come together on your wedding day

On your wedding day, the wedding coordinator and her whole team have got your back and ensure that everything runs as smoothly as a Swiss watch. The flowers are arranged, the guests have been shown their accommodation and, when the time comes, are ready in front of the gates of the registry office or church, the cakes are in the fridge, the chefs are at the stove, the bride has her make-up on, the musicians are tuning their instruments, and the witness is guarding the rings. No confusion, no panic. Any unexpected situations are dealt with immediately and discreetly. You can be sure that everything has been prepared as agreed, and that you will really enjoy your day.

A wedding breakfast tailored to your needs

Pork or beef? Vegetarian or gluten-free dishes? Planning a wedding for dozens – perhaps hundreds – of people and want to be sure that the guests will enjoy their food? A wedding agency knows exactly what to do. You rubber-stamp a varied menu that every guest will appreciate, and you won’t have to go down on bended knee to grandmother at the last minute, begging her to make dozens of extra portions of her special pork chops. You choose the cooks, a catering company or the restaurant, and then you can forget about all the arrangements for food and drink.

Even the entertainment can be of a high standard at a wedding

An agency will be able to offer a side programme to make your wedding a pleasant affair for everyone involved. The coordinator keeps to the script, organises events on the stage, and sees to the equipment, band, magician or DJ. It is also important to draw the event to a dignified close. The gracious way of signalling the end could be a professional fireworks display. Alternatively, when the newlyweds depart this would be a natural moment for the party to break up. While a hired shuttle service carries your guests away, the agency will arrange for the equipment to be packed away and the venue tidied up.

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