Tips for imaginative wedding decoration

Wedding arch

A wedding can scarcely be held without a wedding arch, especially one held in a garden or other natural setting. There are many wedding arches, with no limits placed on fantasy. Natural materials such as twigs and flowers are very popular. If the wedding ceremony will take place in a location with a view, it is possible to merely choose larger flower pots. The wedding agency will recommend what the arch should look like to match the overall design of the wedding.

Wedding photo corner

Create an impressive photo wall with an original and stylish backdrop. 3D decorations such as paper flowers, balloons, or live plants also look great. The latest trend is a photo booth in which wedding guests can take their own photos in front of an original backdrop. The press of a button merges all the photos into one and prints them out. Everyone will thus definitely remember your wedding.

Tulle wedding decorations

Ceiling decorations made of tulle give a very soft and airy impression. If your wedding has been designed in an elegant style, choose neutral colours – grey, cream-coloured, or even pastel colours, which will provide an ideal complement to your overall wedding design.

Candles and candlesticks

Not only in combination with tulle, candles in tall candlesticks create a pleasant and intimate wedding atmosphere that you and your guests will remember for a long time. Glass containers and lanterns for candles are another option. They can decorate the wedding table, the route to where the ceremony will take place, or a garden party. If you’re worried about candles, they can be replaced by electrical ones or decorative lamps.

Wedding lounge zone

Will you have guests at your wedding who you know prefer more privacy and don’t like big celebrations? Our wedding agency can set up a lounge zone for sitting in a quieter area to the side of the main wedding feast. Stylish benches or armchairs will be complemented perfectly by pillows or flowers. You can also combine it with a cigar or coffee club.

Cutlery decorations

Have fun decorating your cutlery, for example with twigs of rosemary or lavender. This will enhance your table decorations and the entire area will be suffused with a pleasant aroma.

Our wedding coordinator recommends

A wedding can feature a bit of nostalgia – for example a wall or bulletin board with joint or even family photos. Each row can for example feature one generation of your families, or you can mix all the photos together. Another alternative is a family tree that you can then fill in with your places right at the wedding.

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