Children at a wedding

9. 4. 2019

If you are holding a wedding with children, a wedding coordinator will advise you that you need a plan

Children at a wedding can be a cute embellishment, like the painted cherubs of old. They can also be little terrors, constantly fidgeting and running around, yelling at the most inopportune moments and causing mental and material havoc as soon as you let your guard down. If you love children and want to have them at your wedding, you have to think about them in advance and conjure up a programme and environment for them that will make them feel safe and comfortable. A good wedding agency knows how to make all wedding guests, no matter how young, happy.

Holding a wedding with children

Do you want to see children are your wedding? That’s the first question that you need to answer as future newlyweds. You mustn’t feel guilty if you want peace and quiet on your big day, free of childish twittering and snickering. You may well already have brought your children up, or perhaps you’re not planning to have any for a few years yet. Whatever you do, don’t forget to make your wishes known to everyone who is invited and who takes their boisterous kids with them wherever they go.
On the other hand, bear in mind that you are cementing relations with family and friends. You’re sure to have attended a wedding when you were children yourselves and, a few years down the line, someone else may decide that they don’t want your kids or grandchildren at their wedding.

Children at a wedding – the same rights as anyone else

If you do want children at your wedding, don’t forget to include them in the guest list and in the invitations to the wedding breakfast or ceremony. And don’t forget that the children you invite will be of various ages. It’s a good idea to know how old they are and how many of them there will be. That’s the only way you can prepare for younger guests. If the wedding venue and the circumstances are not appropriate or safe for younger children (a platform staring into a gorge, say, or a pontoon on a lake), impose an age limit and tactfully let your guests know.

How a wedding agency can help

There is one massive advantage of hiring a wedding agency here – as in other areas of the wedding preparations, it offers experience, a supportive environment, and foresight. It goes without saying that children don’t have a long attention span and they are going to start getting bored a few minutes into the ceremony. A wedding coordinator can find lots of important tasks for young guests that they will love to do – holding the train, scattering petals, breaking the plate, and learning how to take pictures of the newlyweds, to name a few. Nor does the agency forget about food for children, the seating plan, a children’s corner, a room where babies can nap or have their nappy changed, and lots of other details which you may overlook because of all your other worries.

Games and fun that won’t drain the wedding budget

An experienced coordinator is able to interweave the world of adults and children. They might spend some of the day together, and other times apart from each other. The choice is yours. There are tons of ideas. Classic outdoor games, competitions and attractions, a children’s DJ, wide games, hunts for prizes, karaoke, theatre, bubble shows, science experiments, bartending shows, and augmented reality. And, on top of that, animators who know how to deal with children, a safe environment, and proper coordination. This guarantees that all wedding guests will be happy.

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